Appliances - Wolf, Subzero, Viking, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Sharp
Plumbing fixtures - Rohl, Kohler
Pool table - American Custom Pool Tables
HVAC/Geothermal - Climate Master Tranquility
Water filtering - Environmental Water Systems CWL Series
Water Monitoring - floLogic System 3
Water heaters - Rheem EverKleer, EEMAX Series 4
Steam/Showers - Thermasol Pro 900
Pool/spa/fountain equipment - Pentair
Generator - Guardian QuietSource
Entry gate - Viking G5
Boat lift - HiTide Gear Drive X2
Irrigation - Rain Bird


Security - Sea Island Company, Atlantic Companies
Computers - Dell XPS
All-in-one fax/scanner/copier/printer - Dell 968W
Phone - Panasonic TAW848
Internet - Cisco
DVR’s - Comcast
TV’s - LG High Definition 1080P LCD
Low voltage lighting control - Lutron
Central audio - Niles

Fitness :

Pilates - Body Balance Studio Reformer
Pilates - Body Balance Trapeze Table
Pilates - Body Balance Combo Chair
Pilates - Body Balance accessories
LifeFitness treadmill
StairMaster stepper
Octane elliptical
Hoist strength equipment
Full complement of free weights, body bars and fitness accessories

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