Little Hawkins Island is a 3+ acre island with approximately 3 acres considered “upland”.  Surrounded by marsh and deep water you enter a private gated property and traverse a 110 yard long concrete bridge built to Department of Transportation specifications.

Fronting 700+ feet of deep water a concrete sheet pile sea wall was built along the entire eastern edge of the island.  This bulkhead is designed to last 100 years with no maintenance!
The bridge and seawall of Little Hawkins Island were designed by Thomas and Hutton a civil engineering firm headquartered in Savannah, Ga., highly skilled at delivering functional engineering projects for coastal environments.
Although Little Hawkins is an island, all utilities are directly connected to the city’s grid either under or through the bridge. These direct connections include: sewer, water, electricity, gas, Comcast cable/internet/phone, and security.

A major design goal for the island was to develop a resort experience while meeting all code requirements from the city, county, state, FEMA, DNR, and the Army Corp of Engineers. Little Hawkins Island was a unique opportunity to build a private resort seemingly at grade while hiding any garage and storage facilities from view. Trucking in over 1,000 loads of fill allowed for the gradual grading of the entire island while maintaining the natural beauty and vegetation of the marshland/wetland boundary. Additionally, the developer sited the Residence building at 16 feet above sea level, each of two Guest Cottages at 14 feet above sea level and the Club at 15 feet above sea level. The size and location of the property together with the gradual grading of the landscaping and buildings gives Little Hawkins Island a look and feel unobtainable by virtually any other eastern seaboard property.

The Little Hawkins Island project was designed to be green.  A geothermal system with over 30 wells, each reaching into an abundant aquifer, is used to help provide the energy required to heat, cool, and control humidity for all four buildings.

The property has an electric power back-up system which will automatically switch to a 45 kilowatt natural gas generator in the event the grid goes down.

The water system filters city water and uses computer monitoring to automatically shut off when sensing a problem.

All landscape water is provided by an on site well and pump system.

Little Hawkins Island was designed and built to meet or exceed all hurricane specifications. The foundations of the buildings, seawall,
and pool are stabilized by over 300 helical steel piers with a combined
length over two miles. All four buildings are steel reinforced concrete
block structures. The property used over 2500 yards of steel reinforced
concrete and is certainly one of the most structurally sound residences
ever built on the eastern seaboard.

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