Lighting is an important component of a premier residence, especially when determining the proper style, scaling and illumination for each fixture. Lantern Masters, Inc. from Southern California considered a foremost style-setter in the custom interior and exterior lighting industry was chosen to provide each and every custom interior and exterior lighting fixture.

Lantern Masters collaborated with the developer, architect, and interior designer leading to designs inspired from many different periods of architectural history, replicating historical fixtures from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Fabrication included age-old forging techniques as well as 21st century technology.  Using superior craftsmanship, along with the finest materials, Lantern Masters created truly unique lighting fixtures.

Lantern Masters delivered approximately 50 unique designs and over 110 total lighting fixtures for the project.

There are an additional 40 lamps and over 200 ceiling lights to complement the Lantern Masters work!

Virtually every light on the property is controlled via a low voltage lighting system designed by LUTRON; the world leader in lighting control systems. The Little Hawkins Island low voltage lighting system is specifically designed to save energy, enhance comfort and
convenience, and improve safety and security. For example, with one
touch of a button you can turn on/off over 95% of the lights on the property!

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